Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Today Holly Learned...

That she doesn't need a tissue when she can just rub her nose on mum's shirt.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Today Holly Learned...

That cherry blossoms don't taste anywhere as good as they look.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

You turn your back for a minute...

shick, shick, shick...shick, shick, shick

I heard that noise for about for 30 seconds before I turned around to see that Holly had gotten ahold of a small container of baby powder and was shaking it all over the floor with glee. I don't use baby powder very often (only when I'm reusing gloves for colouring my hair), so I guess this was the first time Holly had encountered the material. When I finally discovered the carnage she had made, she ran off giggling, leaving a trail of powdered footprints in her wake.

Naturally I went to grab the camera, returning to find her rolling around in the powdered mess. I could stop her or I could take photos of her. I chose the latter.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Holly on the Swings

Thanks to Charlie for taking this video on her iphone

Sunday, April 11, 2010

All the Words Holly Can Say*

Mamma, DaDa, baby, goal (Ice Hockey), shoe, star, copt (Helocopter), kitty, koo (Kangaroo), ball, fishee, tree (which applies to tree, plants and aquatic plants), book, bird, toes, peas, straw (strawberries), cheese, cheeries (Cheerios), Nana, blue, socks, cow, soon (Spoon), buba (Bubbles), bear, peng (penguin), Wawa (water), Pretty, boat, shee (sheep), cay (cake), dee (dessert), tee (teething ring), cah (carrots), cello, bah (Balloons), bath, Srah (Our friend Sarah), poo, bye, dass (dance)

I think it's a lot of words for a 13-month old. Amazingly, she doesn't just mimic words, but seems to understand their concepts as well. Today is Holly's friend Luke's 1st birthday party, and as I was putting out a dress for her to wear she pointed at it and said "pretty" and smiled. I have never described that object as pretty, but she knows what it means.

She's just on the verge of being able to say "Plane". She has a picture of it in her word book. She points to it and then points up in the sky, as to say "that's where the plane is".

If I say bath, she runs to the bathroom to get ready for her bath. If I say helicopter, she gets excited and runs to the window saying "copt". While we were having breakfast I was talking to Jaime and said "penguin" (as in I wish I could get that penguin shaped waffle-maker) and Holly said "peng" and pointed to the penguin that was on the bib she was wearing. And today I made the mistake of saying "Nana" (a word she's just learned) and she ran to the front door because she thought we were going to my mum's place. She was very disappointed when I told her mum is away for the weekend and we weren't going there.

I suppose it's natural that she'll be an early bloomer in the talking department; Jaime and I are real talkers and I never shut up.

* List soon to be out of date