Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Yes, We Have a Video"

We decided to buy a camcorder to capture all the little moments with Holly. While I consider myself an expert on still photography, I really don't know much about videography, and choosing a camcorder was pretty hard. In the end we went with the Canon HG10. So far we've been pretty happy with it. However, we are still trying to figure out how to convert the HD format files to something more web friendly. Once we get that sorted we'll be putting up some of our Holly movies.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Exciting times

So as Shan has already mentioned WE HAD A BABY!

She's perfect in every way (and I'll hear nothing different). A mix of emotions have been happening, but none of them negative. I am missing sleep but then again, the more time I'm awake caring for my daughter is more time I get to spend with her.

The other big milestone in my life is I just became a permanent resident of Canada. I'm halfway on the way to becoming a citizen of Canada (although my daughter has already beaten me to this and to having dual citizenships).

So interesting times have occurred and more to come I'm certain. Loving every moment of it!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

And Now We Are Three

Introducing Holly Jane, our gorgeous little baby girl. Twelve days old and already she's changing quickly. We're starting this new blog to reflect the change in our life. An Australian-Canadian family of three. While we are both Canadian residents, Holly has already beaten us to Canadian citizenship. However, we will not forget her Aussie heritage. When toast finally gets on the menu, it will be topped by vegemite!

Two observations about labour: 1) It hurts more than anyone can prepare you for. 2) It's true; it's all worth it. Even after 36 hours of induction and another 22 hours of labour, when she popped out, I was moved to tears by the awesome sense of love I have for her, and for J (and not just because they had pumped me full of oxytocin).

Both J and I will be posting here (hopefully more than we did on our own blogs). But even though there will be lots of baby news, we promise to keep it sufficiently geeky. I mean, J hacked into the wireless network in the hospital when I was in labour to keep people updated about my progress. And Holly's already dressed in dinosaur-laden jammies. And we're hoping to get a camcorder soon so we can post videos of our little girl.